Dark, Part 5 (Fin)

The following is the last of what I wrote of Darq. It was one of my favorite projects. I just wish it hadn’t seemed like such a ripoff. I can only think that I somehow remembered it subconsciously. Or something. It was good stuff, though.


Isabelle stalked the dingy room. A walkie talkie on the nightstand made static and then clicked out, “Meek hasn’t gone nowhere, Iz.”

Isabelle sneered. “Don’t call me ‘Iz’,” she snarled at the talkie.

“Of course, Iz.”

I had that one coming. “Have you any real news? What’s he doing?”


“And you can’t tell me a little more than that?”


Isabelle rolled her eyes. “Well, find out something, you good for noth—”

“He’s talk’n ta’ some gal.”

“A girl? Is that it? What are they doing?”

“Yeah. Talk’n.”

Isabelle clenched her jaw. “Oh, for the love of Pete—”

“They’re leav’n.”

“Don’t interrupt—”

“They just got in a car.”

“Follow them. And don’t interrupt—”

“We’re on’t.”

“—me.” One of these days, I am going to staple their stupid mouths shut.


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