Darq, Part 1

The following is a story I’d started that got tagged in my later writing courses as too similar to Roger Rabbit and I forget what it was called, but apparently monkey henchmen are too common. I’ve essentially retired this story, though I may recycle the main character. Toons was a character I based on a favorite geology professor.

The devil-monkey gave me his most asinine grin from across the table in my upstairs parlor. In his left paw he aimed an Uzi at my middle, in his mouth was my cucumber sandwich. I always knew it would be like this. My life has never been completely normal.

I remember days when I would hallucinate and believe I saw my own version of Mickey Mouse watching television in my living room, or Daisy Duck mowing my lawn; such benign characters from my workshop. Yet now those creations were stuffed in the trunk of my electric blue corvette, dead with holes blasted through their skulls, or so I had been told.

This sad, sadistic ape couldn’t help but leap from my latest masterpiece: Ape Mafia and Me. I never believed that the “magic pen” I bought from the door-to-door salesman could possibly be credited with bringing inanimate lines and color to life.

The pen was odd—strange to be sure, with its ink so shimmering and its finger grip so addicting, its glide so smooth over my illustration board. Stranger though was the fact that every time I woke, I would be at my art desk, producing new art each time. I never knew when I would find myself at my table—it just happened. Once I found a very ornate, very animated, finished picture of Thor’s hammer, as I recognized it. This hammer I had drawn had purpose, if not reason. The hero of my new Ape Mafia comic had used it to defeat the enemy. But the hammer disappeared between one night and the next, lost somewhere in the insanity of my midnight art.


The monkey in my home gave again his devil-monkey-may-care look as he licked his chops of the remnants of my sandwich. It was time. The chimp led me downstairs at gunpoint. What he didn’t know would destroy him… which was exactly as I intended.


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