New Year’s resolution to lose weight?

Maybe this is a reminder for those with weight loss resolutions, or those simply insecure. But I responded to a thread, and wanted to share…

Take into account that numbers [on a scale] do not mean the same thing as health. Some people have thyroid or other issues, and are perfectly healthy otherwise. A healthier image is not the amount you want to lose, but what you want to focus on to promote your best physical health.

Keeping in mind the choices I would rather make for physical health is what has helped me the most in my life. I struggled with weight when I was much younger, I was 14, and have made a point ever since to make sure I eat what I should. It’s amazing how long a 2-month bout of anorexia will stay with you. (I was pushing a 2-sizes-larger pair of pants. I have worn a size 12 since that time – size 10 until that age because my hips had just filled out – but was almost size 16.) I may have lost 20 pounds in those two months, but it took me 4 months after it to eat regularly again and make sure my mental focus and perception of myself were better.

It took me until my mid-twenties before I really looked the heck around myself – there are LOTS of shapes. We are PEOPLE shaped, not “pear” or “apple” or whatever. Even models have shapes, however much PhotoShop has been applied to their images. Check out the before/after effects on the modeling industry.

Finally, a question I ask myself is if I’m HAPPY with my weight, my eating habits, drinking enough water? No? Then I need to re-evaluate my habits. If there’s something I definitely have control over, it’s how I want to eat and what I can do to reach my optimum level of physical happiness because the body I have is the shape *I* live in – so whatever someone else has to say (like how “big my butt is” is generally, actually, commentary on how wide my hips are) really doesn’t matter much to me. It used to, until I realized, “Hey, can’t change it, and why *should* I want to?”

  • Moderation is a good lot of the key.
  • When you’re “comfortably full” you’re done.
  • Eat healthier foods, obviously, and in moderation.
  • if you don’t snack at regular intervals, try putting a 4-hour minimum between breakfast, lunch, and dinner to space them out right. Do not fear snacking anyway, if it’s a good-for-you thing to eat.
  • Omit corn syrup, dyes, and hydrogenated oils.
  • Omit chips, soda, and anything that says “Little Debbie” or similar.
  • When you feel hungry make sure you aren’t actually thirsty and drink a glass of water with each meal.
  • Don’t beat yourself for getting seconds, when you choose to. Just know you’re choosing to when you do.

Those are a few things I live by, just a few of my thoughts.


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