Living statues; Amanda Palmer TED Talk

The following commentary from Amanda Palmer in the article An 8-Foot-Tall Woman Is Destroying The Entire Music Industry had a lot to say about loving others, passion, and trust in being generous.

A few bits that caught my attention, and my thoughts on them…

On her job as a living statue and being yelled at to “Get a job!”:

“It hurt, because it made me fear that I was somehow doing something that was un-job-like, and unfair, shameful.”

I think a lot of people are afraid of creativity because it makes them too happy choosing to be happy. Meaning, the world we’re raised to know is one of self-denial, punishment, and guilt. We don’t deserve this, we don’t actually need that because we really would like to have it in our lives. But what about happiness, those snatches of calm contentment that leads us to higher ground and makes us smile? Why don’t we deserve more of that? Yes? So why don’t we support the creativity (use the term broadly, please) that lives inside us all?

On couch surfing with a poorer family:

“These people have so little. Is this fair?”

Yes. They chose to share. They shared alike with who shared with them. They reached back to who reached out to them. Is there not freedom in consent?

On the media asking how she got so many people to buy her music:

“I didn’t make them. I asked them. And through the very act of asking people, I connected with them. And when you connect with them, people want to help you.”

In this world of deprivation, people need connectedness. They need goodness. We should each strive to bring joy to the world each of us knows, and bringing that joy will help us find more of the same, and its return. That’s something I am striving to do in my freelance work.

On the art of asking:

“It’s kind of counter intuitive for a lot of artists. They don’t wanna ask for things. But it’s not easy to ask. And a lot of artists have a problem with this. Asking makes you vulnerable.”

Asking doesn’t create vulnerability, but it does bring it to the forefront. We each are as vulnerable as we feel. Vulnerability isn’t about exposing our pains and daring others not to poke with sticks, but in showing others shared humanity.

Wrong question: How do we make people pay for music?

Right question: How do we let people pay for music?

Rather than trying to make them, how do you LET people share your joy? Leave a comment!


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