Watching “Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress”

“If this bride doesn’t rise up and rebel, she’s leaving without a dress.”

The bridesmaid had spouted off about choosing a dress for her friend (the bride) that suited her friend’s tastes… and her own. As if she had to like it as much as the bride. Like it wasn’t good enough if she didn’t. The dress the bride chose was far more beautiful than what was chosen for her. Most likely, because it suited her. It was her style. It had what she wanted: lace.

Trying to fit another’s expectations just doesn’t work unless those expectations fit. Moreover, any expectation of self should be ones that are already there. Maybe it results in decadence, selfish pleasure, but it is how to be happy. Be decisive, make choices, choose well.

Reminds me of the “Every kiss begins with K” Kay jewelers commercials. What ever happened to kisses beginning with smiles and not with an it-has-to-be-this… rock? Why do diamonds have to be The Thing? I’m more of a ruby/sapphire person, myself, if I were to consider a forever-stone. Though my imaginary wedding ring would probably be the single piece of jewelry not silver. I’d want platinum, or another silver lookalike. And, in my world, settings are always bevel.


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