How to write more

How to Maximize Your Word Count and Write More Every Day

For more detail, I highly encourage you to read the entire article. DO IT.

  1. Write in the morning.
  2. Wake an hour earlier.
  3. Coffee.
  4. Snatch time from life’s thieving jaws and use it to write.
  5. Schedules and deadlines.
  6. Plan, prep, plot, scheme.
  7. Politely ask for the time you need.
  8. Write with your internal editor gagged and shut in a box.
  9. Silence self-doubt with hollowpoint bullets packed with your indifference.
  10. Just. Keep. Writing.

To this, I add my experience: DO IT.

This year, I was given the gift of HEADSPACE. My SO told me to take the time I needed to get my head together so I could determine what I need to do to succeed. It took some time to really do. He became fearful after telling me to take the time; I became pressured, since I know what it is to support one’s SO – I did so through two marriages. And, though it took me a couple weeks, I did figure it out: Do what I always wanted to do.

Doing what I always wanted to do means being a WRITER. The writer and editor that I am. To cover the writing aspect, I now write my blogs as a profession… That’s just me. My thoughts, my interests, my reflections. There are other interests I am working to develop now, too, in addition to writing.

So, MY advice is to DO IT. Do what makes you happy, no matter how doubtful the world is about whether you can succeed. Only YOU know the truth of it, and can make that success happen. So DO IT.


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