Comedy hurts


There is a grain of truth in every lie.

Does that mean that, likewise, there’s a grain of lie in every truth?

In Shakespeare’s time, too, it was comedy that could tell the truth. It’s either a dish of truth served with humor, or humor that can be ignored. ‪#‎ColbertForPresident‬ :p

What would be more helpful? Stop leaving truth for the annals of what’s humorous. DO SOMETHING about the B.S. it speaks of. People need to stop letting what we make fun of get the best of us.

Do good. Bring Goodness into the world around you, and within. Be the change you want to see. All it takes is that first step…

What comes to mind when you think of change that you can and would do? Do that. As soon as possible. Because you can. It is possible, and it is up to YOU.


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