Project AWOL (Reality TV Show) – RANT

I see your Followers stop by my blog pretty often, actually:

Work with Tanner

Tash Thomas

Julian Sherman

They stop and they Follow my blog, and I am annoyed. Do they ACTUALLY Follow what I blog, or are they just racking numbers for their own ends? I don’t Follow these people simply because they look like a marketing ploy.

  • Too-similar content
  • The photos overlap
  • Work less than part time doing… what?
  • WTF is “affiliate marketing”? People are able to take advantage of this?

Nothing in life is free. Free your mind, free your heart, and LIVE your dream – that’s one way to develop your talents and make a real living.

I don’t like “hanging content” that leads me to do things. Only ONE of these AWOL things has said it takes $25 to start, and suddenly they made oodles of money doing next to nothing. Or, if I remember, filtering people towards big money-making schemes of their own… such as?

Uh… right.

If you are real people, then that’s great. But stop trying to “pick up” my blogsite if…

  • It isn’t real.
  • It doesn’t fit the goals of my blog.
  • I don’t know you. Try talking to me. I don’t need spam.

My challenge: Prove this scheme is true.



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