“Crit 20!”

“Rolling to confirm a critical hit is like asking God ‘Are you sure?'” -Unknown

Originally, I heard that quote from my younger brother. I don’t know where he heard it, though. The thing about the quote I find funny is “God;” in my games, I’m God. Or, as I like to say, omniscient. (“I’m being omniscient!”)

Rolling a critical hit. Those aren’t what I would call highly debated, but they certainly matter to a lot of people. They determine whether or not you skewer your enemy or merely fob off your own head (should your rolls go wonky).With the Almighty Crit, you can double, triple, quadruple… even x6 your damage (with the right feats).

In my games, if you roll your crit you get it. In many others’ games, it’s a “rolling a threat” and then you have to roll again to crit. How does that work, since rolling crits aren’t that common? I’ve seen Players roll them twice in a row during battle, but it’s never been an issue.

Then again, my D&D world is composed not of rules, but guidelines. Anything can be negotiated, NPCs may all be spoken with (if Players figure out some of the tricky situations where it doesn’t look possible), and rolls are often not “by the book.” (I can’t math. I just can’t. I am that abyssal at math. I can, however, calculate damage and that sort of thing easy enough. Just don’t ask me to calculate anything in the way the books do.)

My advice, DM to… everybody else… If it makes you happy, then don’t quibble about it. Have fun, not confusion. It’s often more profitable to slick over a skill check if the situation isn’t major. Unless it’s story-related, just move on and roll with the tale.


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