Professional Writing is creative.

In my final year as an undergrad in 2008 to 2009, I switched from English Education to Professional Writing. The only difference that made was that the word “creative” was tacked at the front of my Writing minor. That year, I also applied for a student position and was rejected. I was told the rejection came because my major was not explicitly Creative Writing.

That day I stood in the English Department’s hallway, flabbergasted the person hiring for that position told me I was not creative enough, sticks with me. How absurd. Most writers have an ego, but I know I was good enough to have managed the position well.

Once I became a grad student, I cared a lot less that I was rejected. I did, very much, care that I was rejected on grounds for not being creative enough.

How does your major, a labeldefine the person you are? It doesn’t. Since that day, I developed new perspectives on my writing, the least of which is that I AM creative. How many Professional Writers (i.e., technical writers, authors, technical editors, copy editors…) work on novels in their spare time? How many blog? How many draw? Or decorate their homes? How many simply don’t limit themselves to strictly a type-A personality quirks?

Professional Writers require a creative streak to function! Without inspiration, how do we determine how a sentence should look based on the implications of phrasing? If we are not creative, how do we help other writers without knowing how words, phrases, and sentences interact? To edit is to espouse enough of a creative streak to make a written item into something better.

And I’d daresay that every person is a type A and type B personality in some way.


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