Poem: Trees

This poem is one that I wrote for a moment I had in which I observed the outdoors and allowed myself brief quiet. Time for finding a nice hot drink with which to enjoy the alone respite.


My molto Caramella com Panna
warms my chilled hand as wind wraps
around my face to dash
my hair back into my eyes. I futilely
huff it from sight but it still refuses to catch
my eartips. The dim sky backlights
the trees, their straining bunches of naked
branches reaching, stretching in the air
for joy of it, leaning over me as I walk
to class. I feel they are
caricatures, personalities as cold
as my thick leather coat in this pre-Spring
dusk. 2-D figures set against
the horizon, sentinels watching
my measured steps. I am calm, though, knowing
my own height sets me among their number, were
I, too, rooted to the spot.


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